Nude Face of Goofy Old Peoples


Oscar: What’s a nude face.

MacIntosh: Use it in a sentence buddy.

Oscar: Them Teabaggers are the nude face of the GOP.

MacIntosh: Well, ahem, that could mean many things. But I think you mean new face of the GOP.

Oscar: No way MacIntosh. I saw a picture of teabaggers and they was all old faces.

MacIntosh: How old?

Oscar: Way old MacIntosh…like one foot in the grave old.

MacIntosh: Wow.

Oscar: And theys wearing costumes like old people wear.

MacIntosh: Really?

Oscar: Yeah MacIntosh…it looked like a Halloween party at the Shady Acres Rest Home.

MacIntosh: Maybe them teabaggers are new on the inside.

Oscar: Like theys in touch with their inner childs?

MacIntosh: Yeah, like that.

Oscar: That’s sad MacIntosh.

MacIntosh: Why do you say that?

Oscar: Cuz the inner childs theys in touch with are real brats.

MacIntosh: Brats?

Oscar: Yeah…spoiled brats. Stompin’ theirs feet…goin’ bwaa. bwaa, bwaa, we wants our country back, bwaa., bwaa, we don’t likes Obama, bwaa, bwaa. Maybe they thinks they in a nursery home.

MacIntosh: Well maybe they are the nude face of the GOP.

Oscar: So I was right?

MacIntosh: Well…nude means being naked or exposed.

Oscar: Theys wasn’t naked MacIntosh.

MacIntosh: But maybe it means they is exposing what the GOP is really like.

Oscar: I get it….and nows I know what GOP stands for.

MacIntosh: What’s that?

Oscar: Goofy Old Peoples.



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