NOT US Chamber of Commerce

Oscar: Howse come the big insurance companies gave so much money to the US Chamber of Commerce?

MacIntosh: The $ 86.2 million? They wanted the Chamber to help them fight health reform.

Oscar: But whys?

MacIntosh: Because health reform would be bad for their business. They were afraid if people just discussed the issue they might notice the insurance companies are not needed and are ripping us off.

Oscar: But isn’t that bad for US?

MacIntosh: Of course.

Oscar: Thens why do they call it the US Chamber of Commerce.

MacIntosh: Good question. They also took $ 40 million from foreign companies and used it to elect Republicans.

Oscar: That can’t be good for US.

MacIntosh: They fought heath reform when their own small business members could have used some cost relief on providing health insurance to their employees.

Oscar: So they are not for US meaning all of US?

MacIntosh: Nope.

Oscar: And they are not for US meaning their own small business members?

MacIntosh: Nope.

Oscar: And they are for US meaning peoples from America?

MacIntosh: Nope.

Oscar: I thinks they should change their name.

MacIntosh: New name?

Oscar: Yep. Lets call them the NOT US Chamber of Commerce.



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