Mexican Cat Dance

Oscar: Howse come people are mad at them Mexicans?

MacIntosh: Not everyone is.

Oscar: Them people in Aridzona are mad, huh MacIntosh?

MacIntosh: Yep.

Oscar: Well howse come they is mad?

MacIntosh: Cuz the Mexicans are breaking the immigration laws.

Oscar: Why is they doin’ that?

MacIntosh: They cross the border illegally to get work.

Oscar: And illegals a bad thing, huh MacIntosh?

MacIntosh: Yep….but if they make it across they can find work and feed their families.

Oscar: So after they on this side they is legal again?

MacIntosh: Nope, still illegal.

Oscar: But it’s legal to gives them work?

MacIntosh: No…that’s illegal too.

Oscar: So them peoples in Aridzona are mad at them peoples too?

MacIntosh: Which people?

Oscar: The people that gives them Mexicans work.

MacIntosh: No…they don’t enforce their own laws against illegal employment.

Oscar: So….if you is a Mexican and you wants to feed your puppies and you cross the border you is illegal and they puts you in jail. But if you hires them Mexicans you just as illegal but they not even mad at you?

MacIntosh: That’s right.

Oscar: What would happen if they puts them people that hire Mexicans in jail too?

MacIntosh: Mexicans would stop crossing the border.

Oscar: Wow…them peoples in Aridzona are crazy like our neighbour.

MacIntosh: The guy next door?

Oscar: Yep. He puts food out for his cats but he gets crazy mad if other cats eat it. So he made his fence even higher but he still puts food out for his cats and the other cats still eats it.

MacIntosh: He just wants to feed his own cats.

Oscar: Maybe he should make it illegal to put food out where the other cats can eat it.

MacIntosh: Sounds like a good idea.

Oscar: Can I tell you somethin’ MacIntosh?

MacIntosh: Sure.

Oscar: Sometimes I go eat the cats food too.

MacIntosh: Crazy.



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