Making Shit Up

Oscar: What’s cogn…cognv…that dis on ants thing?

MacIntosh: I think you mean cognitive dissonance.

Oscar: Yeah…whats that thing?

MacIntosh: That’s when two or more things you want conflict with each other.

Oscar: Huh?

MacIntosh: Lets say Mom and Dad says they don’t think its fair that they have to pay for our food. They want to spend more on themselves.

Oscar: Hoe-lee Moe-lee!

MacIntosh: So they start buying yachts and fancy cars and quit buying us food.

Oscar: But..but..but..would theys do that?

MacIntosh: Of course not.

Oscar: Whew…I thinks I’m getting’ hungry

MacIntosh: But they want two things – they wants more for themselves but they want us to be OK too.

Oscar: Yippee for us. Whats do mom and dad do about their dis on ants?

MacIntosh: They either quit wanting both things or they start making shit up.

Oscar: Quarter in the jar. Howse could they make things up?

MacIntosh: Dad could say….if I buy a yacht I might meet some mysterious stranger and he’ll give me the money to feed MacIntosh and Oscar.

Oscar: There’s a magic guy that feeds puppies?

MacIntosh: Nope. But dad makes one up and calls him Mr. Trick L. Down.

Oscar: What happens if dad don’ts find Mr. Down?

MacIntosh: Mom says no problem we’ll just cut expenses somewhere else.

Oscar: Likes where somewheres else?

MacIntosh: She doesn’t have a clue. She’s making shit up.

Oscar: Quarter in the jar. If they don’t cut expenses and theys livin’ large what happens?

MacIntosh: They have to borrow money.

Oscar: Can they borrow money forever?

MacIntosh: Nope. They don’t have to.

Oscar: Whys not.

MacIntosh: Because they are just making shit up.

Oscar: Quarter in the jar.

MacIntosh: I’m out of quarters. Can you lend me one?



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