Love Will Find A Way

Oscar: Wow, Michelle Bachmann sures know how liberals think?

MacIntosh: She does?

Oscar: Yep. She was on the foxes channel and she was tellin’ everybody exactly what liberals think.

MacIntosh: She said liberals are mad at George Bush for torture because liberals hate America and sympathize with terrorists.

Oscar: Yep. Hows does she know that?

MacIntosh: She said liberals didn’t care that Daniel Pearl was beheaded.

Oscar: Yep. She really has her fingers on the liberal pulse.

MacIntosh: Sounds like projection bias to me.

Oscar: What’s that?

MacIntosh: That’s when you unconsciously deny your own thoughts, traits and emotions and ascribe them to others.

Oscar: Yikes…she does that?

MacIntosh: Republicans do that. That’s how you can tell what they are really like.

Oscar: Sos if they are a strong family values guy?

MacIntosh: They have a mistress in South America or have sex in diapers with prostitutes

Oscar: And if they are strongly against the gays?

MacIntosh: They solicit gay sex in airports.

Oscar: Wow that’s really helpful MacIntosh. What about ifs they believe in fiscal responsibility?

MacIntosh: They’ll cut themselves and their rich friends a big tax break that adds hugely to the national debt.

Oscar: And what ifs they say liberals don’t care about America?

MacIntosh: It means they don’t care about America. If they cared about America they would spend their TV time trying to unite the country.

Oscar: Or at least they wouldn’t work so hard to divide us.

MacIntosh: They would be talking about their ideas to create jobs or how to care for Americans in need or how to end a senseless war or how to keep large corporations from robbing us blind.

Oscar: Wows…they never talk about that stuff.

MacIntosh: Nope.

Oscar: But…aren’t we doin’ the same thing?

MacIntosh: Projection?

Oscar: Yeah, we is sayin’ what Republicans think and its not nice things.

MacIntosh: OMG, you’re right. I’ve been infected and now I got it too.

Oscar: We should put a quarter in the jar and take some alone time.

MacIntosh: We should spend our time talking about our ideals, our ideas and what we really care about.

Oscar: We should stop hating conservatives and start loving alls the peoples. Cuz even though I don’t know what the question is, I know love is the answer.

MacIntosh: You’re projecting again Oscar.

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