Just When I Needed You Most


Oscar: The news says Christine O’Donnell went down in Delaware.

MacIntosh: Really? I thought she didn’t even masturbate.

Oscar: That’s nasty MacIntosh. You should put a quarter in the jar.

MacIntosh: Sorry. I am going to miss her.

Oscar: And that wrestling lady lost in Connecticut. Howse come she lost?

MacIntosh: Her name was not interesting enough. Linda McMahon … where’s the showbiz?

Oscar: What name should she have used?

MacIntosh: Linda “The Liquidator” McMahon would have captured what she was doing with the family fortune.

Oscar: And it sounds nice. I heard both faces of Meg Whitman lost in California after spendin’ a gazillion dollars.

MacIntosh: Yep.

Oscar: And I heard Carly lost after spending a gazillion of her dollars.

MacIntosh: Yep. It wasn’t pretty for self financers.

Oscar: So moneys can’t buy elections?

MacIntosh: Just corporate money…that’s works just fine.

Oscar: Howse come dad and mom is mopin’ around?

MacIntosh: The Democrats lost the house.

Oscar: Yikes. Where wills we live?

MacIntosh: Not our house. The Democrats lost the House of Representatives.

Oscar: When was the last time they used it?

MacIntosh: What?

Oscar: When dad loses his glasses he tries to remember the last time he used ‘em.

MacIntosh: They know where the House is.

Oscar: Yippee…theys didn’t lose it after all.

MacIntosh: …whatever.

Oscar: Is mom and dad goin’ to the Prop 19 party?

MacIntosh: The marijuana initiative lost too.

Oscar: Is that why dad was singin’ that song?

MacIntosh: Which song?

Oscar: “Just When I Needed You Most”


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