Just Like Sarah, Only Better


Oscar: Dad sure likes to see Crazie Christine at work.

MacIntosh: Why do you say that?

Oscar: He was watchin’ her debate and he was rollin’ on the floor laughin’.

MacIntosh: The part about not knowing separation of church and state was in the constitution?

Oscar: Yep.

MacIntosh: Pretty funny stuff.

Oscar: And it was in the first amendment. Even if she didn’t read the whole thing you’d think she read at least one.

MacIntosh: Yep. ..well she probably knew but just faked it.

Oscar: Howse come she would do that?

MacIntosh: Cuz she wants to be like Sarah Palin, only better.

Oscar: That’s why she faked it?

MacIntosh: That’s why she says all that crazy stuff.

Oscar: I’m confused MacIntosh.

MacIntosh: Look, Sarah Palin started making the big bucks after she quit, right?

Oscar: That’s right.

MacIntosh: Christine O’Donnel wants to skip the whole getting elected thing entirely.

Oscar: She doesn’t want to get elected?

MacIntosh: No way. She’s already measuring for drapes over at Fox TV.

Oscar: Where she can keep Hannity in her back pocket?

MacIntosh: Yep. And she has a ghost writer working on her book.

Oscar: She’s doin’ a book?

MacIntosh: Yep. “Hijacked by the Media, Just Like Sister Sarah, Only Better”.

Oscar: She’s a genius.

MacIntosh: She’ll have her own show.

Oscar: Whats will they call it?

MacIntosh: “Just Like Sarah, Only Better.”

Oscar: I think she’ll be rich MacIntosh. But Christine doesn’t have a family.

MacIntosh: She’ll rent one.

Oscar: Howse could she do that?

MacIntosh: Well, she could adopt a pregnant teenager.

Oscar: Check

MacIntosh: And instead of a snowmobile dealer she could hire a guy that sells tractors.

Oscar: As long as he doesn’t masturbate.

MacIntosh: But she’ll never beat Sarah when it comes to endorsing candidates.

Oscar: Howse come?

MacIntosh: Sarah endorsed John Raese for senator in Pennsylvania.

Oscar: What’s wrong with that?

MacIntosh: He’s running in West Virginia.

Oscar: And it doesn’t get any better than that.




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