I Am Not A Bitch

Oscar: Crazy Christine O’Donnel says she is not a bitch…she is one of us.

MacIntosh: I think she said witch.

Oscar: Oh…that makes sense…if she was one of us she would be a bitch.

MacIntosh: She admitted she once dabbled in witchcraft.

Oscar: What’s a witchcraft MacIntosh?

MacIntosh: Making magic potions, casting spells…other stuff.

Oscar: If you is just dabbling does you make little eeny teeny potions?

MacIntosh: A potion is a potion.

Oscar: Does you cast spells then pull them back again?

MacIntosh: Can’t do that.

Oscar: Then howse do you dabble?

MacIntosh: I think she tried it for awhile then decided to quit.

Oscar: That why Sarah Palin likes her, huh, cuz Sarah likes to quit too.

MacIntosh: Sounds right.

Oscar: Is Sarah one of us?

MacIntosh: Yep…all bitch, all the time, 100 % bitch..

Oscar: What breed is she?

MacIntosh: Half chihuahua…half junk yard dog.

Oscar: So she is mean but meaningless?

MacIntosh: Yep.

Oscar: Why did Crazy Christine quit being witchcraft?

MacIntosh: It wasn’t bizarre enough.

Oscar: What did she do instead?

MacIntosh: Join the Republican party.



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