Hurrah for Television – GOTV


Oscar: Hurrah for television!!!!

MacIntosh: What?

Oscar: Go television!!!

MacIntosh: What are you talking about?

Oscar: I’m cheerin’ like all the people are.

MacIntosh: They are?

Oscar: Sure, everywheres you look people are saying GO TV!!!

MacIntosh: That means Get Out The Vote.

Oscar: Okays. So hurrah for Get Out….whats that mean MacIntosh?

MacIntosh: It means we need every non-crazy old person to get off their tooshes tomorrow and vote.

Oscar: Whys do we need to tell them to do that?

MacIntosh: Because we have an enthusiasm gap.

Oscar: What’s that?

MacIntosh: Because some of the people that wanted Obama to change things are disappointed he did not do more.

Oscar: Why didn’t he do more?

MacIntosh: Lots of reasons….the economy was taking a dump, the opposition was tightly organized to oppose his every move…lots of reasons.

Oscar: But didn’t he make things better?

MacIntosh: Lots better…passed an historic health bill for instance. But some people think he should have prosecuted Cheney for war crimes.

Oscar: Why didn’t he?

MacIntosh: Because it would have divided the country and he figured by the time they could get a trial together Cheney would be roasting in hell anyway.

Oscar: Waiting for Mary to join him?

MacIntosh: Yep. Other people wanted him to get out of the middle east immediately.

Oscar: Why didn’t he do that?

MacIntosh: Its complicated….I wish he had gotten out.

Oscar: So peoples have an enthusiasm gap because they think a Republican congress will do things better?

MacIntosh: A Republican congress will do everything they can to reverse the good things Obama did get done.

Oscar: Yikes. That’s seems like a bad choice.

MacIntosh: And if you don’t vote….that’s a bad choice.

Oscar: So, c’mon all you peoples, get off your tooshes and vote.




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