How Would Jesus Award The Medal of Honor?

Oscar: Has you ever heard of Bryan Fischer?

MacIntosh: Oh yeah…he’s a leading spokesman for the Christian Right….director of the American Family Foundation. Why you asking?

Oscar: He thinks we made a bad choice when we picked the last Medal of Honor winner.

MacIntosh: Yeah…saw that. He says we are feminizing the award.

Oscar: Whats that mean?

MacIntosh: He says we should pick guys that kill a lot of people rather than picking them because they put their lives at risk to save fellow Americans.

Oscar: ….I donts know what to say.

MacIntosh: Note to readers…Oscar’s face shows he is dumbstruck with disgust and amazement.

Oscar: Thanks MacIntosh…I am dumbstruck.

MacIntosh: Yep…and a lot of people are very angry and disgusted.

Oscar: When Bryan Fischer was in the military he must have been a real killer.

MacIntosh: He never served in the military.

Oscar: But….but.

MacIntosh: Note to readers: Oscar showing shock and awe.

Oscar: Whys do people listen to this guy?

MacIntosh: He’s famous. In 2004, he co-founded the Keep the Commandments Coalition in Idaho.

Oscar: Isn’t one them “Thou shalt not kill”

MacIntosh: In 2003 he was awarded the Friend of Life award by Idaho Chooses Life.

Oscar: But…but.

MacIntosh: And in 2005 he was given the “Christian Statesman” award from the Biblical Worldview Learning Center.

Oscar: But..but…can’t breathe…can’t breathe.

MacIntosh: Note to readers….Oscar has now rolled over on his back and is searching the heavens for guidance…

Oscar: So this guy is the way Christians thinks?

MacIntosh: Not all of them.

Oscar: So the American Family Association is just for wacko Christians?

MacIntosh: Well…they have 2,000,000 on-line supporters, 160,000 paid subscribers and their web site has over 40,000,000 hits.

Oscar: But…but.

MacIntosh: Its OK Oscar…just remember what Ghandi said.

Oscar: What did Ghandi say?

MacIntosh: “I like your Christ. I do not like Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”



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