Granny Get Your Gun


Oscar: What’s a Real American MacIntosh?

MacIntosh: Someone that is a citizen.

Oscar: But the teabaggers says they is the Real Americans. Are they saying everybody else is an Unreal American?

MacIntosh: They think they are the ones that represent true American values.

Oscar: You mean like democracy?

MacIntosh: Yep.

Oscar: But they says they may have to take some of them 2nd amendment remedies which dad says means use their guns.

MacIntosh: That’s what they say.

Oscar: So in a democracy if you don’t like who gets elected you can use your guns to get your way?

MacIntosh: Guess so.

Oscar: Is it a Real American Value to wants to secede?

MacIntosh: Americans are very ambitious.

Oscar: No…dad says secede means to withdraw from the union.

MacIntosh: I don’t think that’s an American value.

Oscar: I don’t think them teabaggers are Real Americans. Theys just a bunch of old angry peoples.

MacIntosh: But they are citizens so they are Real Americans.

Oscar: That’s unreal MacIntosh.


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