God – The Franchise

Oscar: Thanks for teachin’ me all about religion MacIntosh.

MacIntosh: No problem.

Oscar: I gotta question. You said after Eyack found God he started a franchise.

MacIntosh: Yeah…but not all by himself.

Oscar: He had help?

MacIntosh: Yep…the Jews.

Oscar: The Jewish peoples helped him start a franchise? The same ones that stole their values from Arckk?

MacIntosh: They bought the first franchise…it gave him the idea.

Oscar: They did?

MacIntosh: Yep. One day Eyack runs into one of them Jewish people. He says “Yikes Shylock, you’re bleedin’ pretty heavy there dude.”

Oscar: Jews bleed?

MacIntosh: Yep…you gotta prick em first. Anyway, the guys says “ well, oy vey, you just ran into me.” So Eyack says he’s sorry but that doesn’t explain the bleedin.”

Oscar: So he was already bleedin?

MacIntosh: Yep. So Shylock says he’s bleedin’ because Arckk keeps whackin’ him.

Oscar: Because they stole Arckk’s values

MacIntosh: Yep. So Eyack gives him the good news about God.

Oscar: Yippee.

MacIntosh: He says “did you notice I’m not bleedin’ anymore? That’s cause God told Arckk to quit whackin’ me.”

Oscar: Then what happened?

MacIntosh: Shylock says “Have I got a deal for you.”

Oscar: What kind of deal?

MacIntosh: Shylock pays Eyack to talk to God about the whole thing.

Oscar: How much did it cost?

MacIntosh: Pound of flesh.



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