Ginny and Clarence: Hard at work

Oscar: Howse come Clarence Thomas wears them robes to work.

MacIntosh: So people won’t know he is watching porno instead of listening to the lawyers.

Oscar: What does Clarence Thomas tell his wife Ginni when he comes home?

MacIntosh: I’ve been working hard.

Oscar: Does he bring his robes home so Ginni can clean them.

MacIntosh: Nope. She said what happens at the Supreme Court should stay at the Supreme Court.

Oscar: Howse come peoples is laughin’ at Ginni Thomas?

MacIntosh: She called up Anita Hill and told her she was praying for Anita to apologize for her testimony in her husband’s confirmation hearings 19 years ago. She testified Clarence was a sex maniac.

Oscar: She wanted Anita to tell the truth?

MacIntosh: No way, that’s what Anita did 19 years ago. And now one of Clarence’s ex-girlfriends has come forward to say, yep, ol’ Clarence loves him some porn.

Oscar: So she wanted Anita to apologize for telling the truth?

MacIntosh: That’s what she was praying for.

Oscar: Maybe she was having a bad morning.

MacIntosh: Yep…she and Clarence were probably up all night.

Oscar: Doin’ what?

MacIntosh: Watching porn and playing the ‘Staff of Justice’ game. Or maybe they were just heeding the words of Justice Potter Steward.

Oscar: What did he say?

MacIntosh: Steward said he couldn’t define obscenity but he knew it when he saw it.

Oscar: So Clarence and Ginni stayed up late seeing it?

MacIntosh: Yep. Ginny picks the movie and Clarence judges if it’s obscene.

Oscar: Has he found any he thought were obscene?

MacIntosh: Not yet. He doesn’t want to decide until he sees them all.

Oscar: Cuz that would be a premature calculation.

MacIntosh: Exactly. And Ginni doesn’t want justice to come too early. Or maybe they were planning on what to do with the millions of dollars large corporations are giving Ginni to fund Liberty Central.

Oscar: What’s Liberty Central?

MacIntosh: After Clarence decided in Citizens United that corporations could pour money into the electoral process she started Liberty Central so they would have a place to pour it in.

Oscar: So Ginni and Clarence are a good team, huh MacIntosh.

MacIntosh: Just like Bonnie and Clyde.

Oscar: What are they gonna use the money for?

MacIntosh: They are giving it to teabagger candidates.

Oscar: How did they get that idea?

MacIntosh: Watching pornos.


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