Foxes Channel

Oscar: Did you know there is foxes on television?

MacIntosh: Lots of animals on TV.

Oscar: But this one’s on a channel all by itself.

MacIntosh: The whole channel is about foxes?

Oscar: Yep…and dad says they is unbalanced.

MacIntosh: You mean, like crazy?

Oscar: Yep…and dad says they is lyin’ all the time.

MacIntosh: All the time?

Oscar: Yep…and dad says they are proppin’ ganda.

MacIntosh: What’s that?

Oscar: I don’t know but they is proppin it. You know what else dad said about the fox channel?

MacIntosh: What else?

Oscar: I can’t tell you.

MacIntosh: Why not?

Oscar: Cuz he said a whole bunch of those words mom says not to say.

MacIntosh: Bad words?

Oscar: Yep..he went on and on. He used up almost every one of them words. Especially the F-word….it was F-word this, F-word that, get the F-word out of here, I can’t believe my F-word ears, what the F-word, F-word Beck, F-word Hannity, F-word O’Reilly…stuff like that.

MacIntosh: Did mom get mad?

Oscar: No way…she was using all them bad words too

MacIntosh: Sounds like mom and dad don’t like foxes.

Oscar: Yep… But mom and dad likes Westies, huh MacIntosh?.

MacIntosh: As long as they aren’t on the fox channel.






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