Death Panels

Oscar: Whats a Death Panel, MacIntosh?

MacIntosh: Its somethin’ teabaggers talk about.

Oscar: Well what is it?

MacIntosh: The teabaggers say its a part of Obama’s Health Plan – a group of people who will decide if you are too old to get medical treatment.

Oscar: Wow. Them teabaggers must have been goin’ crazy.

MacIntosh: Why is that?

Oscar: Cuz theys so old medicine probably wouldn’t work anymore. It would be like pouring a cup of water on the Sahara desert.

MacIntosh: I see what you mean.

Oscar: Howse come Obama wants to kill old people?

MacIntosh: He doesn’t.

Oscar: Then why them say he does?

MacIntosh: He wants to have support for old people to help them through their final days.

Oscar: Them teabaggers should like that…they all in their final days.

MacIntosh: They probably would like it if they knew about it.

Oscar: So theys sayin’ its bad and they don’t even know about it?

MacIntosh: Sarah Palin said it was true and they believed it.

Oscar: That’s sad MacIntosh. Still…its scary to think somebody you don’t know could decide if you was gonna lives or die. I’m glad we don’t have Death Panels.

MacIntosh: We do.

Oscar: We gots death panels now?

MacIntosh: Yep…the insurance company calls them the Claim Department.



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