De Mint -ed

Oscar: The Republicans got a senator that is demented.

MacIntosh: Lots of them.

Oscar: But one of them says demented is his name.

MacIntosh: You mean Jim DeMint from South Carolina. He thinks gay people and sexually active single women should not be able to teach.

Oscar: Howse come he thinks that?

MacIntosh: He says they set a bad example.

Oscar: Whats about sexually active single male peoples?

MacIntosh: He has no problem with them.

Oscar: What about peoples that hang out in bars?

MacIntosh: No problem as long as they don’t drink at work.

Oscar: What about peoples that like to gamble, is it OK for thems to be teachers?

MacIntosh: No problem.

Oscar: Don’t them peoples set bad examples?

MacIntosh: Some people think so.

Oscar: Whys Demented pickin’ on gays and single women.

MacIntosh: Cuz he doesn’t like them personally.

Oscar: Does Demented likes liberal peoples?

MacIntosh: Hates em.

Oscar: So whens he gonna start saying liberals can’t teach.

MacIntosh: As soon as he can get away with it.



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