Camera Angles

Oscar: A peoples on the foxes channel was sayin’ the other channels was being mean to them teabaggers.

MacIntosh: How’s that?

Oscar: He was sayin’ theys was paintin’ the teabaggers as a bunch of racists and crazies.

MacIntosh: They don’t paint.

Oscar: Them other channels don’t paint?

MacIntosh: Nope…they use cameras….they just make a record of what’s there.

Oscar: But..maybe they was using liberal cameras.

MacIntosh: What’s a liberal camera.

Oscar: I don’t know…but the people on foxes says the other channel peoples were liberals paintin’ the wrong picture.

MacIntosh: Maybe it’s a camera that doesn’t distort the image to fit the conservative viewpoint.

Oscar: Yeah…but they gots special cameras at the foxes channel.

MacIntosh: Republican cameras??

Oscar: Yep. Theys can take a picture of 80,000 people at the Lincoln Memorial and turn it into a million peoples.

MacIntosh: Impressive.

Oscar: Theys can make Ann Coulter look like she doesn’t have an Adams Apple.

MacIntosh: Good cameras.

Oscar: They can make Karl Rove look like an honest man.

MacIntosh: That’s a tough one.

Oscar: Yep. Theys got the best cameras money can distort.

MacIntosh: But they need even better cameras.

Oscar: To do what?

MacIntosh: To make Gretta Van Susteren look like she wasn’t beat up in a bar fight the night before.

Oscar: That would be nice.

MacIntosh: A camera that would keep John Boehner from lookin’ orange.

Oscar: I gots a joke MacIntosh.

MacIntosh: What’s that?

Oscar: Knock. Knock.

MacIntosh: Who is there.

Oscar: Orange.

MacIntosh: Orange who?

Oscar: Orange you John Boehner?



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