Big Dogs, Small Dogs

Oscar: Howse come big dogs are always nice to us but little dogs can be mean?

MacIntosh: What are you talking about?

Oscar: When we go to the beach and we meet a big dog he always wants to play and everything. But little dogs, like that Chihuahua, its bark, bark, bark even if we don’t do nothin’ bad to him.

MacIntosh: I guess big dogs know they are big and so they can be nice.

Oscar: Howse come little dogs can’t be nice?

MacIntosh: Cuz they know they are little so they are afraid.

Oscar: So big dogs are nice cuz they are big and little dogs are yucky cuz they are afraid?

MacIntosh: Something like that.

Oscar: But….that doesn’t make sense.

MacIntosh: Why not?

Oscar: Cuz Dad says the reason America gets in so many fights is cuz they are top dog. If they is top dog then they should be nice to everyone.

MacIntosh: Maybe they don’t know they are big dogs.

Oscar: Yeah…maybe they got one of those funny mirrors like at the carnival. Yeah….that’s it MacIntosh. Everybody else thinks they are big dogs but when they look in the mirror it makes them look little. … like that Chihuahua or somethin’. So thems just afraid cuz they look little in the mirror.

MacIntosh: That sounds right.

Oscar: So its not the size of the dog that makes them fight but it’s the size of the fear in the dog, huh MacIntosh.

MacIntosh: You got it buddy.








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