Bad Kimchi

Oscar:  Hoe-lee Moe-lee whats young Kim Jong-un thinkin’ up there in know….North Korea?

MacIntosh:  Bad Kimchi.

Oscar:  What’s that?

MacIntosh:  Fermented cabbage and chiles…their national dish.

Oscar:  Kim Jung-un attached South Korea because of bad Kimchi?

MacIntosh:  He didn’t mean to – someone put too many chiles in the Kimchi.

Oscar:  So he ordered an attack?

MacIntosh:  That’s not what he said.

Oscar:  What did hes said?

MacIntosh:  Fire!!

Oscar: What’s Obama gonna do?

MacIntosh: Not much he can do….you can’t take the chiles out of the Kimchi.

Oscar: I means about the attack.

MacIntosh: Well first he’s gonna rattle the sabres.

Oscar: Yippee. Them sabres need rattlin’.

MacIntosh: Then he’ll try to get the Chinese to do something to help.

Oscar: Like sell them lawnmowers at a big discount.

MacIntosh: Yep. Then China will send some guy to talk with Kim Jung-un.

Oscar: What’s will he say?

MacIntosh: Stay away from the Kimchi.

Oscar: That’s it?

MacIntosh: Yep…standard procedure. All our presidents do the same thing. It’s in the protocol book under “What To Do When North Korea Does Something Really Stupid”

Oscar: Will all the peoples in America be happys Obama didn’t start the next World War?

MacIntosh: No way. The neocons will say its time to nuke them.

Oscar: Yikes!

MacIntosh: Michelle Bachmann will say its time for Obama to “man up”.

Oscar: Wow.

MacIntosh: Ann Coulter will say Obama should show some balls and she will lend him hers if he can’t find his.

Oscar: That’s scary.

MacIntosh: By the time they are done people will think Obama started the Korean War from his crib back in Kenya.

Oscar: Will peoples believe that?

MacIntosh: They will believe anything.

Oscar: I’m glad Obama is doin’ that standard protocol thing. Everything should be OK.

MacIntosh: As long as the President doesn’t eat any Kimchi.


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One Response to Bad Kimchi

  1. Uncle Stever says:

    Bad Kimchi? Been there done that – on a public bus next day after having a plate of the stuff with a bunch of beer the evening before, and a milkshake for breakfast.. Hurled all over this guy in front of me. Learned to things…
    (a) Never put your hand over your mouth when you puke it acts like a water-jet and only increases the force not deflects it.
    (b) Never try to out drink a Navy Chief…

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