Who Do You Love?

Oscar:  Howse come them Teabaggers are mad at everybody?

MacIntosh:  I think they changed that…now its Tea Partiers or somethin’.

Oscar:  Howse come they are so mad?

MacIntosh:  Because they love America.

Oscar:   But they don’t like libruls,  huh MacIntosh?

MacIntosh: That’s what they say.

Oscar:  And Dad says they are mad at them Muslims too.  And they don’t like black people, or brown people or union people or people from San Francisco or young people or people that teaches at the schools or gay people too Dad says.

MacIntosh: So what?

Oscar:  Well…howse come they love America but they don’t like most of the people that lives there?

MacIntosh:  I don’t know Oscar.

Oscar:  Do they like Westies?

MacIntosh: Probably…we are white.

Oscar:  Dad says they love Sarah Palin .

MacIntosh:  That’s what they say.

Oscar:  If them teabaggers love America and they love Sarah Palin then Sarah Palin must BE America.?

MacIntosh:  And that’s what she says.

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