Westies In Planes

Oscar:   Howse come everybody is mad at muslins but they like silks and Egyptian cotton?

MacIntosh:  You mean Muslims.

Oscar:  Howse come everyone is mad at all the Muslims?

MacIntosh:  Cus they flew planes into those big buildings and knocked them down.

Oscar:   Are there a lot of Muslims?

MacIntosh:  Yeah buddy…like a billion and a half.

Oscar:  Wow Mac, them must have been some really big planes.

MacIntosh:  Normal size planes.

Oscar:   Then there must have been lots and lots of planes.     Like a gazillion planes or somethin’.  Wow, them planes must have been smackin’ into them buildings day and night.

MacIntosh:  Just two planes.

Oscar:  Oh…then them Muslims must be really smart.

MacIntosh:  Why do you say that?

Oscar:  Cuz they figured out how to shrink themselves so a billion and a half Muslims could get into two planes.

MacIntosh:  There were only 19 Muslims on the planes.

Oscar:   But….but…then howse come people is mad at all billion and a half?

MacIntosh:   That’s just the way people are.

Oscar:   But people still love Westies don’t they?

MacIntosh:   Yeah, I guess so.

Oscar:  Cuz we don’t fly planes do we?

MacIntosh:  No we don’t.

Oscar:  Not even one Westie?

MacIntosh:  Not even one

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